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Sage Franch


Trendy techie

You can’t be what you can’t see. In 2013, I was a young developer at my first tech internship, and I was shocked by the reality of sexism in the working world. I went online to try to find someone, anyone, who was telling the story I needed to hear, that you could be feminine and a respected coder. I didn’t find anyone telling that story, so I decided to write it myself. My mission through Trendy Techie is to inspire others to consider careers in technology and to help them feel welcome in the tech world without fear of discrimination.  


A long-time advocate for diversity in STEM, I see a lot of room for tools that help people learn how to be better to one another. In 2018 I left Microsoft to start Crescendo, a Slack-based diversity and inclusion education tool that helps companies train their employees for global impact. It provides unique learning paths for each employee, tailored to their level of experience and learning style. We empower individual employees at global companies to make themselves and their workplaces better. Learn more at




This year I’ve got a big goal: to have a virtual coffee with someone new, every single weekday morning. That’s 260 new people, or 130 hours spent in new conversations. I’m doing this to pay forward the time and energy that my mentors gave me, in the hopes that I can help others achieve their goals and dreams.


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Blockchain Teaching

In my past roles at Microsoft, I built online courses that went out to over 60,000 students around the globe. Last year I built a first-in-kind blockchain developer curriculum for Lighthouse Labs, which launched in Toronto in Spring 2018.

In addition to my work as a developer, I am available for freelance technical teaching engagements. I specialize in Ethereum development for beginners.